Prism Surfboards develops quality surfboards at affordable prices to allow everyone to practice this magnificent discipline. High quality, versatile and adapted to all levels of surfers, Prism boards are developed in Nantes (Pays de la Loire, France) and meet very precise specifications.

When you buy a Prism Surfboards, you are buying a product from a French company and passionate people.

Our products are developed in compliance with ecological and environmental standards.

In order to meet the needs of each surfer, we offer different ranges depending on the level and the waves surfed

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Prism Surfboards was born from the desire to offer good quality products, at affordable prices and with a sober design. Our surfboard range embodies this desire by bringing together a wide choice of quality models at affordable prices that will allow everyone to enjoy this beautiful discipline.

Discover Prism Surfboards and choose a model adapted to your level and your desires of glide.


A quality surfboard, versatile and resistant


Prism Surfboards is a quality board, versatile and intended for both beginners and advanced surfers. They are also boards developed in Nantes and whose manufacture follows a precise specification which is based on the most powerful boards of the market. To offer you affordable prices and high quality products, we make economies of scale on everything except materials and production quality. Also, we favor a short circuit directly from the workshop to the surfer without intermediaries, we limit logistics costs thanks to a warehouse located outside urban areas, we centralize transportation and we operate on a just-in-time basis to avoid overstocking costs.

Each surfboard you will find in our online store has been developed by passionate surfers. These are proven models whose design is ensured by the largest manufacturing plants and whose hand finishing is particularly careful. Discover our Softboards, Egg, Fish, Wombat, Evolutive, Carbon Hydride, Shortboard or Shockproof and enjoy pure moments of sliding adapted to your desires and your level.

To choose your surfboard on Prism Surfboards, it is to trust a French company of impassioned and it is to opt for products developed in the respect of the ecological and environmental standards.


Prism Surfboards will help you find the perfect surfboard


At Prism Surfboards, we understand that choosing the right surfboard is difficult, especially when you're a beginner. A surfboard should be selected by taking into account your size, your level and the waves you are likely to ride. Depending on your size and level, you will choose your board by paying attention to its length, width, thickness and bedding. Note for example that the higher the bedding, the more stable you will get a board adapted to beginners' levels.

To choose the right surfboard, we offer personalized advice: so don't hesitate to contact the Prism Surfboards team via our contact form, by phone or directly on our Facebook page.

Prism Surfboard is a large choice of quality and cheap surfboards. We answer your questions and have in heart to propose you products respectful of the planet which will allow you to surf in all serenity.


How do pre-orders work?

Depending on the demand, some products are sometimes no longer available.
You can still order them on our website.

All the items available for sale in PRE-ORDER and offered in PROMOTION on our site will be delivered at the price of the promotion.

How does it work?

For example, you buy in January an article in promotion and in pre-order delivery March. In March, if this article is back to the price list (without promotion), we deliver it to you at the price you paid on the promotion...

Pre-order products

How does it work?

We re-launch productions as they are sold.
When there are consumption peaks for certain products or when they are new, we may be out of stock.
In this case we have systematically the visibility on the delivery date of these products. That's why we work with "pre-orders".

Let's say you've fallen in love with a SOFTBOARD that will only be available in a month. All you have to do is buy it and as soon as it is delivered to our warehouse it will be sent back to you. This allows you to be sure to have it as soon as possible and not to risk to be in the next queue in case of a new break.

Second example, you buy a surfboard in epoxy which is available immediately. With you want a PAD FCS, WAX and a sock cover. The sock cover will only be available 15 days after payment of your order. We make two deliveries, without extra shipping costs. An immediate delivery with the board and the first two accessories. A delayed delivery as soon as the cover is in stock.

A simple system, which allows us not to overstock permanently and which participates to offer you the best prices.