Longboards surfing

Surfing longboards are boards measuring over 8'0. They are suitable for small to medium sized waves and are also suitable for beginner surfers as they offer unmatched buoyancy and paddling comfort.


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Prism Surfboards was created by a team of enthusiasts and surfers, so we know that the waves are not only populated by seasoned professionals. That's why our selection of surfboards is as varied as possible, with versatile models for all levels.

Discover our surf longboards and Mini-Malibu adapted to beginners, but also to more experienced surfers who like noseriding.


What is a longboard surfboard and what is the difference with a Mini Malibu?


The longboard surfing is a long board that can measure from 9 to 10 feet, it has a very important volume that offers a great buoyancy. The longboard surfboard is therefore perfectly adapted to surf micro waves from 30cm to 1,50m. The longboards we offer on Prism Surfboards are versatile and light, well balanced boards that are ideal for nose riding and also offer good lift to make tight turns.

A mini malibu board is slightly smaller than a longboard. With its intermediate size, it is ideal for the beginners surfers, because it offers a good margin of progression and is less cumbersome than a longboard, in addition more difficult to take in hand. The mini malibu being very versatile, it gives the possibility of attacking all types of waves while avoiding however to exceed 2 meters.


Longboards for beginners and advanced surfers


Longboard surfers can surf small to medium-sized waves. Thanks to their optimal paddling comfort and excellent buoyancy, these boards are also suitable for beginners. The longboards we offer at Prim Surfboards range from 9'1 to 10'0 for a versatile shape and a flat rocker that gives the board a nice speed on soft waves. This type of board is adapted to small and big sizes, for the latter it keeps a good lift for an optimal relaunch in tight turns. In the 10'0 version, the longboard surfboard will particularly appeal to taller riders, especially in small conditions.

The longboards that you will find on our online store are the result of precision work, especially for the implementation of lamination, which follows a rigorous set of specifications. Thus, the Prism Surfboards longboard offers a great solidity and a very appreciable lightness. Each board is prepared in air-conditioned lamination rooms: thus the drying is perfect for an even lamination and thus a solidity to any test. In addition, lamination is done in a vacuum with a drain to evacuate the excess resin: this allows the board to be less heavy, but also stronger, because the fiberglass is then less brittle.

Choose your longboard from our range of 9'1, 9'4 and 10'0 models. Take advantage of a versatile and high-performance board that will ensure you have great moments of surfing, whatever your level.