Inflatable SUPs

Inflatable SUPs are high quality Stand-Up Paddles designed to last over time. They are as well adapted to the stroll as to surf in the small conditions. 

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The inflatable sup or "stand up paddle" is a leisure - a sport - which democratizes these last years. Indeed, this activity combines the pleasure of gliding on the water, the walk and the physical effort. Practicable almost everywhere in the world, the advantage of the inflatable board is that it is easy to transport on a bike, a motorcycle, a car and on the back. Once you find the spot, all you have to do is take the paddle out of the bag, inflate it and get in the water. It can be used in the sea, in rivers or in lakes. It is an ideal leisure activity to practice with family or friends.

Prism offers a range of quality inflatable boards for both novices and experienced athletes at attractive prices all year round. This quality comes from our expertise in the manufacturing of the boards.


Origin of Stand up paddle


Polynesia is the cradle of surfing. Indeed, the West discovered the ancestor of the surfboard thanks to Captain Cook who, in 1778, observed Polynesians surfing the waves on boards carved from large tree trunks and using an oar. It is at the beginning of the 20th century that the Americans imported these boards which are called paddleboards. In 1928, Tom Black won the first paddleboard racing championship. The writer Jack London, then a journalist, also published articles on this leisure activity which gradually won the hearts of the Americans, then the Australians with the Beach Boys era who made surfing as well as the sup very popular.

As time went on, boards and accessories evolved. The Beach Boys now use a canoe oar, lighter than the wooden ones, and compete with the surfers. The sup has the advantage of being wide and to take the waves easily. Moreover, its upright position allows its user to anticipate the arrival of waves and take them at the best time. Since the 2010s, the sup is coming back in a culture more in tune with its environment. The inflatable board marks an evolution of this sport: the board can be put in a bag, then on the back, to find the best inlets, lake or river to explore.


Why start with an inflatable sup?


The inflatable sup has many advantages. Indeed, besides the fact that it is easy to transport and store, it is also very resistant and is made to travel in any condition. If you have a boat, for example, the inflatable paddle will be an excellent ally that will replace a dinghy and that will not be damaged if it is not sheltered. Finally, it is a board that can be abused and will withstand the biggest shocks. This board is ideal for beginners -- for kids --. Less rigid than a traditional paddle board, it will hurt less in case of a fall and will better withstand novice paddling! Prism offers a well-made inflatable sup range ideal for beginners.