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Choose your board according to your spot

A surfboard is chosen not only in relation to the size of the surfer and his level but also according to the waves he is going to surf on his referent spot (s). Paddle The oar is the start is crucial, if you still have a little trouble “paddling” (lack of power in...

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How to choose the right surfboard?

Choosing your new board is an important step, it's time to look forward to new challenges, new desires, maybe also new surfing conditions ... a new spot? In the equation it is just essential to: Know the type of spot to frequent  : hollow waves, small,...

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Choose your board according to your surfing level

It is important to choose your board according to your surfing level (first surf, evolution, confirmed or expert). Not choosing a board suitable for your level of surfing can discourage you and can even, in some cases, be dangerous. What are the different levels...

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How to choose the volume of a surfboard?

The choice of the volume of a surfboard is directly linked to the weight and level of the practitioner. The higher the volume, the more the surf will float, the easier it will be to paddle… less effort at take off but more effort on maneuvers, it will be necessary to...

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What is an FCS Fusion enclosure?

Initially, the bindings for an FCS 1 or adaptable fin were composed of 2 separate plugs. FCS Fusions boxes have revolutionized the strength for this type of fin assembly. Indeed, the 2 separate plugs can become detached from the structure during major...

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The 5 mistakes of the beginner surfer

When you are a beginner surfer, you very quickly tend to want to skip the stages. However, surfing is a complex sport and, although more and more accessible, the technique is difficult to acquire. But it's easy to imagine yourself surfing perfect, tubular...

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How and what size of surf leash to choose?

Created at the end of the 1950s by the French Georges Hennebutte , the leash is an essential accessory for all surfers. Thus, it connects the board to the surfer's ankle. In the event of a fall, the leash therefore allows you not to lose your board...

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The 5 best ways to break a surfboard

Few surfer will be able to say that they have never broken a surfboard. Board broken in half, dents or small farts, it is very common to damage your surfboard. However, it is possible to avoid these kinds of incidents and reduce the risk of breaking a...

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