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Prism Surfboards Inflatable Paddlesare high quality Stand-Up Paddles designed to last over time. They are as well adapted to the stroll as to surf in the small conditions.

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The SUP, or stand up paddle, has experienced, in the last ten years, a real boom. Easy to handle and adaptable to all levels, the paddle has become very popular with families, as well as with those who like to slide and those who want to go on long trips.

So, it was essential for Prism Surfboards to offer you a choice of inflatable paddles among top-of-the-range models, adapted as well to the stroll as to surfing.


Inflatable paddling: a growing Polynesian discipline


Originally, the paddle is a Polynesian means of travel. Initially, it was a wooden board on which one stands and moves forward with the help of an oar. The rigid wooden board being more difficult to transport, the manufacturers imagined inflatable boards easy to store and to transport.

Today, there are inflatable paddles that are particularly efficient and adapted to several types of practices. It is this versatility and ease of access that have largely contributed to the success of the SUP. Thus, the paddle can be used at sea, in rivers or on lakes, it will be used to make long hikes and less sporty rides. The paddle can also be used to surf on small waves.

Each type of inflatable paddle has its own level and discipline. The rule of thumb to know before you start: the wider the board, the faster the paddle can go and the higher the level of skill you need. The wider the inflatable paddle, the more stable it is. Some family boards are between 35' and 36'. Longer boards with a fin are ideal for racing. Shorter boards, however, are more maneuverable and therefore perfect for surfing.


High performance inflatable paddles for intensive use


Prism Surfboards has selected for you high performance and high quality inflatable paddles, perfectly adapted to an intensive practice.

To adapt your paddle to your practice and your level, we offer three sizes: 10.9', 10.6' and 10'. All our models are both light and rigid, their inflation pressure corresponds to the highest standard on the market, 25PSI. Stiffness and the ability of the board to rise in pressure allow our inflatable paddles to offer the best performance and optimal pleasure of use.

The panels that make up our inflatable paddles are joined using FUSION technology without glue. This method gives each board an unlimited life span comparable to the durability of a semi-rigid boat.

Each inflatable paddle offered on Prism Surfboards comes with a 600 denier cordura storage bag, where you can store the board and all the essential navigation accessories. Your inflatable SUP is also delivered with a double flow high pressure pump that will allow you to inflate your board up to its maximum, 25PSI.

Once you've chosen your favorite inflatable SUP, you can also choose from our accessory packs that include a leash and oar. You'll be able to go surfing or hiking with peace of mind.