The Prism Surfboards range

The philosophy of the brand is to offer a versatile range of boards, with a selection of complementary shapes, volumes and sizes for a complete quiver at a controlled budget.

The designs have been tried and tested, we are on the same production lines as the "majors" and the construction is qualitative, reliable and well made.

Prism Surfboards Mini-Malibu 8'0

Epoxy range

The Epoxy Prism Surfboards range is the brand's flagship range. Light & strong, Epoxy surfboards are very versatile and adaptable to all conditions. 

Epoxy carbon hybrid surfboard

Epoxy Carbon range

Longitudinal carbon batten construction for flex and responsiveness. Shape with volume under the rider's chest to optimize wave catching and a "pinched" tail to optimize grip and maneuverability.

Shockproof 9'1 Unbreakable Longboard

Shockproof range

The Shockproof line from Prism Surfboards is the brand's strongest line. These surfboards are constructed of an Epoxy/Polycarbonate sandwich. Lightweight and versatile, their manufacturing process makes them virtually unbreakable.

Softboard 8'0 Grey Prism Surfboards

Softboards range

Our PRISM softboard range is aimed at beginners who are looking for an easy, indestructible and high performance board. Available in 7 different sizes, we have 3 different models.