Epoxy Skimboard

Check out the Prism Surfboards skimboards of very high quality and reasonable prices. Prism Surfboards skimboards come in 4 different sizes: 40″, 45″, 50″ and 55″.

With their epoxy and wood sandwich construction, they are lighter and stiffer. Very versatile, they allow you to ride in the waves as well as on the beach on a thin film of water.

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Clean design and quality manufacturing have been our guiding principles since we started Prism Surfboards. We offer a wide range of boards for all levels of ability, as well as some of the most versatile and proven models.

In our range of boards, discover high quality skimboards at reasonable prices. Enjoy riding in the waves as well as on the beach.


What is a skimboard?


Skimming is a surf sport born in the United States and in Polynesia in the 1930s. It is a lifeguard who discovered this sport by chance while sliding - on the edge of the beach - on his surfboard then broken. The term "skim" means "to skim" or "to skim", it designates the action of making the board glide at the level of the water in the foam which is on the edge. Although skimming requires a certain amount of control, its goal is simple: to surf a wave by launching yourself from the beach. However, this sport can also be practiced on lakes. In France, skimboards began to be seen on Basque beaches in the early 1960s. The board looked like a disc and was called "rondo".

Today, skimming is a sport in its own right, so skimboards are becoming more and more sophisticated and robust. The skimboard is a much shorter board than the classic surfboard, it does not have a drift, but can reach speeds higher than those reached by a surfer. The principle is simple: the faster you run to launch the board, the longer the distance you will cover and the more you will have to show a great sense of balance.


Quality skimboards for all levels of skimming


Prism Surboards offers versatile and robust epoxy skimboards. These boards are suitable for all levels: beginners, advanced and experts. We have several sizes of skimboards ranging from 40" to 55". To find out which size is best for you, place the board in front of you: it should reach your belly button.

The skimboards we offer are made like surfboards. The epoxy and wood sandwich construction offers excellent rigidity and guarantees great performance. Versatile, our skim boards are light and fast, so they perform in all conditions. Their outline and rocker give them good acceleration to easily attack turns at the top of the wave. Definitely, our skimboards are ideal for skimming on the beach or on a film of water.

By discovering our skimboards, you will benefit from the same quality of manufacture as for our surfboards: a solidity guaranteed by an equal stratification and a fiberglass injected in just quantity for a board less heavy and much more solid.