Epoxy/Carbon Hybrid Surfboards

The Prism Surfboards Epoxy Carbon hybrid boards are ultra versatile boards that allow you to surf all kinds of waves for the advanced to expert surfer. It is a good alternative to the current hybrid surfboards that allow you to surf all kinds of conditions very comfortably.

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The expert and passionate team at Prism Surfboards designs hybrid epoxy/carbon surfboards with a focus on quality, safety, strength and durability. Comfortable in all circumstances, our hybrid surfboards will seduce experienced and expert surfers looking for strong sensations in the water.


What are hybrid epoxy/carbon surfboards?


Versatile by definition, the hybrid surfboard is suitable for all surfers, except beginners. A combination of two or more surfboard models, which gives them a truly unique shape, hybrid boards visually resemble bulky shortboards. Indeed, both wide and thick under the chest, these boards guarantee a good buoyancy and a solid stability, optimizing at the same time the catch of the waves. Choose a hybrid epoxy/carbon surfboard from our online store and be sure to surf with a reliable and durable board.

 The mixture of epoxy and carbon that goes into our hybrid epoxy/carbon surfboards is certainly a guarantee of quality, since both epoxy and carbon are materials known for their almost infallible strength. Epoxy is used in furniture design, while carbon is used in the automotive industry. Thanks to a vacuum epoxy lamination with carbon reinforcement stringer, our hybrid boards are resistant objects, which take impacts and wear with difficulty. With a surfboard of this type, you can surf with confidence and gain in technicality session after session.


What are the advantages of our hybrid epoxy/carbon surfboards?


Benefiting from the inherent qualities of their main materials of construction, namely epoxy resin and carbon fiber, Prism Surfboards' hybrid epoxy/carbon boards offer the possibility of surfing in complete safety. Suitable for beginner surfers, they can also reassure advanced surfers who are still apprehensive in the water, due to the stability of all hybrid boards and the superior quality of the epoxy and carbon. Thanks to their carbon longitudinal batten, our hybrid surfboards are also responsive, which will definitely appeal to surfers who focus on performance.

 In addition, hybrid surfboards are suitable for all weather conditions at your favorite surf spots, from small summer waves to winter swells. Our hybrid epoxy/carbon surfboards come in a variety of sizes to fit different body types and are all lightweight boards that are always a pleasure to surf.

 Manufactured with the greatest care in our Nantes workshops, our epoxy/carbon hybrid surfboards are available for delivery throughout France and the European Union. With Prism Surfboards, choose French quality at the best price for your surf equipment.