Softboards are foam surfboards. They are particularly adapted to beginners because they limit the risk of injury. With their generous volume, they are very easy to access and allow a fast progression. Medium to experienced surfers can also have fun with these boards, especially in very small conditions or shorebreak (waves breaking near the shore) for example.

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Construction of the Prism softboards

Prism Surfboards was born from the desire to offer quality boards adapted to all levels of surfing. Surf spots are not only populated by pros, that's why it's essential to offer you the possibility to find a material in adequacy with your level.

We have put together a complete line of Softboard for beginner surfers.


The foam board: the ideal softboard for beginners


Also known as a "softboard", the softboard is designed for beginner surfers who want to experience their first waves. The design of this type of boards allows beginners to avoid injuries due to board hits when falling. These models are also equipped with soft fins that limit the risk of cuts. Thus, the foam surfboard Prism Surfboards accompanies beginners from the first foams to the first waves. This board follows your progress, it is easier and faster to handle than a classic board. It will allow you to acquire the basic techniques and to take full advantage of your first surfing experiences, to perform your first tricks and simply to have fun.

This type of board is also suitable for intermediate surfers who will also have fun in small conditions or shorebreak. The foam surfboard has indeed evolved along with the manufacturing technologies, it is now powerful enough to be used by more experienced surfers.


Innovative technologies for a stable and comfortable foam board


The foam surfboards we offer at Prism Surfboards are the result of innovative technologies that allow us to develop comfortable and sturdy models. Easy to paddle, these boards offer confidence and stability to beginners experiencing their first foam. The foam surfboard also offers excellent buoyancy for optimal paddling comfort.  

In addition, the Prism Surfboard is a versatile board, offering fast progression and adapting to all conditions. This type of model is very solid and is equipped with integrated reinforcement bars and an EPS core that is both ultra-resistant and flexible. The reinforcement bars used are made from bamboo, so they are also flexible and virtually unbreakable while offering a nice return to the board.

In addition, the Prism Surfboards foam surfboard has waterproof fin plugs on the inside of the board. This manufacturing process effectively prevents possible water ingress due to more intensive use.

The models you will find in our online store are light and easy to carry. Some are even equipped with an integrated handle that will allow small people to carry the foam board with ease.

The foam surfboard is undoubtedly the perfect ally for beginners looking for an easy, efficient and indestructible model.