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Evolutionary surfboards are perfect for beginners or surfers looking for ultra-versatile boards suitable for most conditions. Evolutives are halfway between shortboards and mini-malibuses.

With a generous volume and a fairly flat rocker, they allow you to catch a maximum number of waves and generate plenty of speed.

If you're looking for an easy board to progress at top speed, this is it!

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In the vast category of surfboards, the evolutionary board is somewhere between the shortboard and the mini malibu, due to its shape and dimensions. Find your ideal surfboard in our online store, according to your surfing style and budget.

What is an evolutionary surfboard?

By definition, an evolutionary surfboard is an ultra-versatile board. As comfortable as a mini malibu and capable of sometimes complex maneuvers, without competing with the liveliness of a shortboard in this area, it facilitates movement in the water and guarantees the surfer's stability. More suited to soft waves, the evolutionary board can nevertheless be used in most conditions, thanks in particular to its squash tail, which makes it particularly maneuverable.

In concrete terms, the evolutionary surfboard generally measures between 6 and 8 feet in length, with a width of 20 inches or more. Its nose and tail can take on a variety of shapes. Its overall shape simplifies paddling, making the evolutionary board an ideal surfboard to start tackling all types of waves smoothly.

Who is the evolutionary surfboard for?

Considered a transition board, the evolutionary surfboard is suitable for intermediate surfers who still need to get their bearings in the water, as well as longboarders who want to try out other forms of surfing.

Quite wide and voluminous, the evolutionary surfboard allows easy balancing and ensures incomparable stability. It offers beginner and intermediate surfers the chance to make real progress over time, before moving on to the more complex shortboard, for example, or before starting to ride more powerful waves.

Find your evolutionary surfboard on Prism Surfboards

Our team is truly passionate about designing high-quality surfboards. Affordable, our prices reflect our desire to contribute to the democratization of surfing and make it easier for beginners and intermediate surfers, without ever sacrificing the technicality or robustness of our products. The evolutionary surfboard is therefore a natural part of our product catalog, as a board designed for a public that is still apprehensive about surfing. Developed in compliance with ecological and environmental standards and featuring a resolutely modern design, like all our surfboards, the evolutionary surfboard reflects the overall quality of our work.

The Prism Surfboards evolutionary surfboard is easy to handle for sizes up to 85 kilos. It performs particularly well for larger board sizes, from 85 to 100 kilos, as its wide tail provides good load-bearing capacity. Gliding and paddling are accessible to all thanks to our evolutionary surfboard, whose durability is guaranteed by the different materials used. So surf with confidence with a Prism Surfboards surfboard.