Beginner surfboard

Discover our surfboards adapted to the beginner surfer because they offer unmatched buoyancy and paddling comfort. They measure over 8'0 and allow you to surf small to medium sized waves.

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When we founded Prism Surfboards, we wanted to cater to all types of surfers: beginners, advanced and experts. So we developed a catalog of products for both demanding surfers and beginners who want to buy their very first board.

Are you looking for your first waves and are you looking for a surfboard that is adapted to your level? Discover our beginner surfboards and choose the model that will allow you to experience your first gliding sensations.


What are the different types of beginner surfboards?


A beginner's surfboard must have two essential characteristics: it must offer great buoyancy as well as a good paddling comfort. A beginner's board is usually over 8'0 and allows access to small to medium sized waves.

Beginners often choose foam surfboards that allow them to progress without injury. Indeed, beginners often fall, so the foam helps limit the force of the blows. A foam surfboard also has soft fins that prevent fin cuts. Such a board also offers excellent buoyancy and stability that will reassure improving surfers.

The beginner surfboard can also be made from epoxy. These models are designed to be particularly easy to handle in small waves. This type of board is also accessible to improving surfers. For example, the Mini-Malibu 8'0 Shockproof is as efficient and even more maneuverable than a longboard.


How to choose your beginner surfboard?


Choose your board based on your level of surfing knowledge and experience. If you've never surfed before, definitely choose a foam beginner surfboard. All the foam boards we offer at Prism Surfboards are designed to take beginners from their first waves. They are boards that limit the risk of injury and are designed to be very sturdy. The beginner foam board features two stringers and a high strength, ultra fex molded EPS core. The foam beginner boards also have an integrated handle for easy transport.

To progress, beginners can turn to epoxy boards that are easy to handle and ideal for small waves. With a little more experience, start with models like the Mini-Malibu 8'0. Then move on to more versatile models like the Shockproof 9'1 Longboard, which is suitable for beginners and can accompany them to progress in more muscular conditions. This model of board is definitely a reference, because it adapts to all levels and all conditions. It is an extremely solid board made of epoxy with an integral polycarbonate sandwich.

Whether you choose a foam or an epoxy beginner's board, find the model that will follow you to progress and perfect your skills in our online catalog.