Surf Pads

Surf pads are anti-slip foam patches that are placed on the back of surfboards (generally fishs, eggs and shortboards). They allow to improve the support of the back foot.  

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The surf pad is an essential accessory for surfers. Placed on the tail, it brings a better grip to the foot to be able to move on his board. We owe its invention to Herbie Fletcher and Tom Morey, who, in the 1970's, looked for a system to be able to both find grip, but also to be able to change direction more easily on their board.

Prism, the surfing equipment expert, offers Gorilla and FCS surf pads designed to provide comfort and grip on the waves. Now choose the surf pad that will make it easier for you to ride and take your riding to the next level.


Pads surfing : the kick tail


The kick tail is the raised part at the back of the tail. Its main purpose is to prevent you from skidding during a big move. The kick tail comes in different sizes depending on the surfing pad. Be aware that the thicker it is, the more likely you are to make radical changes in direction. The choice of kick tail depends mainly on your surfing style. A wide kick tail is best suited for surfers of a certain level who are able to move through the waves and change direction.


Pads surf : the arch bar


The arch bar is the central part of the pad. Like the kick tail, it has different thicknesses. Some surf pads do not have an arch bar. The purpose of the arch bar is to adjust to the surfer's arch. As a general rule, if you have a high arch and large feet, we recommend a thick arch bar. If you have small feet, we recommend a small arch bar. If you have flat feet, choose a pad without an arch bar.


Pads surf : the texture


The texture of the surf pads varies depending on the model. Pads can be square, diamond, diamond-shaped, grooved or perforated. Pads are made this way to reduce their weight and to provide extra grip.


Pads surf : the surface


The choice of the surface of your pad depends mainly on the size of your surfboard. Take the measurements of your tail and choose the right pad for you. Prism offers high quality surf pads to promise you optimal grip and 180° direction changes!


Pads surf : the installation


Before installing your surf pad, your board must be extremely smooth. We invite you to remove the wax with a hair dryer for example. Then degrease your board and sand the area where the pad will be placed very lightly. Then take measurements and make a precise line with a pencil. Then you can peel off the adhesive and use a hair dryer to get the glue working. Once hot, you can apply the pad to the board, being careful not to leave any gaps between the two elements.