The Fish surfboards are hybrid boards halfway between the shortboard, the egg and the mini-malibu depending on its size. Wider than a classic shortboard, they offer more buoyancy. Fish boards get their name from the shape of their tail, which is shaped like a fish.

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The surfboard fish is a hybrid board between the shortboard, the mini-malibu and the egg depending on the size in which it is declined. This board takes its name from the shape of its tail which is shaped like a fish tail. Wider than most boards, the fish allows to generate a lot of speed and a good handling in the turns.

Prism Surfboards, professional of surfing and its derivatives, offers you the best of the surfboard fish for quality sessions combining the technique and the pleasure. You will find in our selection various sizes as well as various shapes so that you can choose the surfboard fish which corresponds to you.


What is a Surf Fish ?


A fish is a surfboard with a swallow tail. This type of tail is wider than most other tails. This width at the back of the board allows it to generate a lot of speed while maintaining control and maneuverability in the turns. Since the volume of the fish is higher than that of the shortboards, the tail allows to compensate for this difference.

For large fishes like the 8'2 fish, the swallow tail will offer more maneuverability than a mini-malibu or egg.

The fishes are therefore very versatile boards that allow all styles of surfing whether it be radical maneuvers or large fluid curves on the wave.


A surfboard fish, what for?


The surfboard fish has many advantages. Indeed, thanks to its thickness, it allows the surfers to take speed quickly and to find good feelings of glide rather easily. You will be able to take pleasure in surfing rather soft waves in summer time. This board also has a vintage feel to it, both in its style and in the way it is surfed. It has a rather rigid aspect that will give you an authentic style. It is a board that can be surfed "flat" and that adapts to the majority of the waves of the coast. It will be ideal for surfers who have experienced a classic surfboard and want to try a different kind of surfing experience.


The two types of surf fish


There are two types of surf fish, the retro and the performance fish. The retro surf fish is a wide board that will be perfect to take speed and make curves on the rail. It includes two fins called twin fin which are quite short, wide and elongated and which allow to take speed on the water. On the other hand, the fish performance is thinner in the front and in the back. It is a technical board that will find its full expression on radical maneuvers. Curved at the front, it will allow you to go and find the hollow of the wave to put yourself in more extreme situations. Designed in a simple concave, this surfboard fish brings good sensations to the feet and will be ideal to take speed. Finally, this type of board can be equipped with different drifts depending on the sea or your desire to surf.

Our Prism boards are made of technical materials and will accompany you for high intensity sessions, whatever the quality of the waves.


Which size of surf fish to choose ?


To choose the size of your surfboard fish, we invite you to refer to the volume of the board. Indeed, a 7'4 shortboard will be less voluminous than a fish of this volume. In this sense, we invite you to take a board that will be smaller, namely a 6'9 board, for example, to find sensations already known and to be able to find pleasure from the first session of surfing fish.

Our Prism team is here to help you choose the best surfboards for your surfing needs.