Epoxy Surfboards

Prism Surfboards Epoxy surfboards are high quality, lightweight and high performance surfboards.

We have opted for a proven construction that is both robust and efficient: epoxy resin around a high-density EPS core.

The central batten is made of wood for all sizes. We use 2 layers of fiber (6 and 4 Oz), in crossed fiberglass (biaxial), it offers excellent resistance and a lot of reactivity.
An additional layer of protection localized only on the deck makes it possible to reinforce the board without weighing it down.

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Anxious to offer the greatest number of surfers quality, innovative and durable equipment, Prism Surfboards designs surfboards in epoxy, a material that is complex to work with but which is extremely solid. Discover our range of epoxy boards and find the model best suited to your surfing and your budget on our online store.


What is an epoxy surfboard?


Epoxy is a thermosetting chemical compound that, when combined with other substances, forms a plastic material such as epoxy resin, which is used to make quality, lightweight, high-performance surfboards.

Surfboards on the market are made of either polyester resin or epoxy resin. Specifically, polyester boards are formed from a polyurethane foam, or PU, core covered with fiberglass impregnated with polyester resin, while epoxy boards are formed from a polystyrene foam, or EPS, core and then laminated with fiberglass and epoxy resin. At first glance, the EPS core is less dense than the PU core, but the technical characteristics of the epoxy resin are such that it is stronger than the polyester resin.


What are the advantages of the epoxy surfboard?


Strength and durability define the epoxy surfboard. Its structure resists impacts better than the polyester resin board, especially since the polystyrene in the epoxy board's structure has the ability to recover from minor impacts. Less dense, the polystyrene foam also guarantees the lightness and buoyancy of the epoxy board. Containing more air than a polyester board, the epoxy board, even if small, has better buoyancy than a larger polyester board.

Choose an epoxy board if you are looking for a reliable material, especially if you are new to surfing and you risk to make your board suffer from small daily shocks due to lack of experience. Surfers looking for reactivity can also opt for an epoxy board which, thanks to its rigid structure, reacts immediately to the slightest movement.


Find your epoxy surfboard on Prism Surfboards


Our different models of epoxy surfboards are made with epoxy resin around a high-density EPS core, for a strong and durable construction, surf session after surf session. With a marine grade plywood centerboard, the Prism Surfboards epoxy board has excellent strength and responsiveness. With an extra layer of protection located only on the deck, we strengthen the structure of our boards without ever weighing them down.

Shortboard, fish board, egg board, evolutionary board, mini-malibu and longboard are all examples of epoxy boards designed by our passionate and versatile team. Take advantage of the benefits of epoxy, regardless of your level and surfing style.