Prism, expert in water sports equipment, offers you a wide selection of its surf leash range adapted to beginners, amateurs, as well as professionals of surfing. Because we are passionate, we know how to create accessories adapted to the practice of surfing or inflatable paddle. Discover our selection and choose the surf leash that will allow you to surf the waves safely.

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The surf leash was invented in the 1950s by a Frenchman: Georges Henebutte. This harmless invention will change the dimension of this hobby. Indeed, the leash allows to avoid many inconveniences. In case of fall, the board could go straight on the beach or on rocks or, worse, straight on other surfers or bathers. With the leash, you stay attached to your board and can continue to watch the waves. There are different leashes for different boards.


Leash surfing : choice of the length


As a general rule, the choice of a surf leash is made according to the size of your board. The bigger your board is, the bigger your leash needs to be. If you have a board size between 5 and 6 inches, you should choose a 6 inch leash. If your board size is between 6 and 7 inches, you should choose a 7 inch leash. If your board is between 7 and 8 inches, we recommend you choose an 8 inch leash. For a long board, choose a 9 inch leash. For the inflatable paddle, we recommend the Prism "phone cord" leash to prevent it from dragging behind the board. Our Prism leashes are made with care to ensure quality that will stand up to all seas and all falls.


Leash surfing : according to your level


If you are new to surfing or have a low level of surfing experience, we suggest that you choose a long surf leash to reduce the risk of impact with your board in case of a fall. Beginners often prefer short leashes so that they don't drag in the water and are able to reach good speed on the waves.


Leash surfing : maintenance


If you want to keep your surf leash for a long time and you don't want it to break during a session, please wash it with clean water after each use and keep it in a dry place. Also, try not to roll it up or knot it. This will weaken it. When you go surfing, we advise you to take a spare leash with you so that you don't cut short a session that started well.


Leash surfing : can we surf without it ?


It is possible to surf without a leash but it requires a good level of surfing and some precautions. Indeed, we do not recommend you to surf without a leash on a spot where there are many people at the risk of injuring another surfer. If you don't master your surf or your paddle, we don't recommend this practice which will have more disadvantages than advantages.