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A recent sliding sport and a variant of kitesurfing, wing foil is already a popular discipline among water sports enthusiasts looking for new thrills. Thanks to Prism Surfboards, you can learn to wing surf with a wing foil of high quality and solidity.



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What is wing foil or wing surfing?


From the English word ''wing'', wing foil or wing surfing is a nautical discipline which consists in surfing on a foil board by means of an inflatable wing held by the surfer thanks to handles. Placed in the wind, the wing foil creates a phenomenon of propulsion and buoyancy that allows the surfer to move on the water.


What are the advantages of wing foil?


The wing foil offers an incomparable freedom of movement and comes with a good dose of adrenaline when it uses the energy of a strong wind. The advantage of wing foil is that it can be practiced even with a particularly weak wind. Quite easy to learn and intuitive, this discipline offers an interesting margin of progression over the sessions, as well as pleasant sensations on the water. In particular, kitesurfers and windsurfers will naturally find their bearings with a board and a wing foil in their hands. Practiced between sky and sea, through wind and swell, the wing foil or wing surf engages different natural elements, which makes the sensations related to this sport particularly satisfying.

Thus, the practice of wing foil is mainly intended for surfers who like speed, action and intensity. Wing foiling is a real learning experience for surfers and is also suitable for beginners in the field of board sports. In order to learn this new nautical discipline and to become more comfortable on the board, it is preferable to choose a moderate wind and shallow and flat water, and to choose in any case known surfing spots.


Our selection of quality and technical wing foil boards


Through our online store, the wing foil board is available in several models of different sizes and volumes. Its design is based on a high quality base, namely a PVC epoxy sandwich with a double dose of PVC on the deck, which allows it to be rigid and durable while maintaining a balanced weight, which greatly facilitates the transport of your wing surfing equipment to the beach. Still, our wing foil board will guarantee stability for novice surfers.

With its minimalist but effective design, the Albatross wing foil board designed by Prism Surfboards is likely to appeal to the greatest number of surfers. Order the ideal wing foil board on our website without further delay, for particularly enjoyable wing surfing sessions, up to all your expectations!