Surfing fins or daggerboards

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Prism Surfboards is a French brand specialized in the sale of surfboards, skimboards, inflatable paddles and accessories adapted to surfboards, such as daggerboards and surffins. Surf fins are indeed essential elements to practice surfing in optimal conditions. We offer on our website a wide range of daggerboards and surf fins, adapted to the different surfboards we have.


What is the use of daggerboards and surf fins?

Daggerboards and fins that are placed under our surfboards are indispensable additions as they directly influence the board's maneuverability, and therefore the movements that can be made in the waves. Thanks to the fins, you will be able to control the amplitude of your turns for a better gliding sensation.

The presence of a surf fin under your board will promote a classic glide, allowing you to obtain a good speed and to have the feeling to glide on the waves. However, you will lack stability when taking turns. If you want to add two surf fins under your board, choose soft waves over hollow waves, as you may lack stability.

It is also possible to equip your shortboard or longboard with three surf fins, or a central fin accompanied by two side fins, in order to combine speed with stability. Finally, you have the option of placing four fins under your surfboard, in order to fully stick to the waves. However, placing four fins under your board will not allow you to turn easily, as the fins will give you a strong resistance in the turns.


How to choose your daggerboards and fins

In order for you to enjoy your surfboard to the fullest, it is important to choose the right fins and daggerboards to give you the best riding experience. We offer a wide range of fins and daggerboards, suitable for all types of boards and available in several sizes.

You will find on our website massive high performance daggerboards, designed for surfboards called thrusters mounted with three daggerboards, two side daggerboards and a centerboard. Their honeycomb construction gives them a lot of drive and acceleration in the waves.

For beginners in surfing, you can adopt adaptable soft daggerboards, easy to install thanks to a system of holding by side screws.

We also have center fins adapted to longboards. Accompanied by side fins, our fiberglass center fins provide a good compromise between speed and board control, and offer an unbeatable pivot. Available from 18 to 25 cm, they are easy to mount thanks to the supplied mounting screws.

To complete your surfing equipment, you can also turn to a leash that will connect your ankle to your surfboard, or to a pad to ensure an excellent grip to your back foot, to better control your board.