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Surf covers

Prism Surfboards is a French brand specializing in the sale of surfboards, skimboards, inflatable paddles and accessories for surfboards, such as surfboard covers. Surfboard covers are a must-have accessory for surfers. On our site, we offer a selection of covers adapted to the size of your board, so you can transport it with ease.


A lightweight, portable sock surfboard bag for storing your board


The surfboard cover we offer takes the form of a sock for maximum practicality when not in use to protect your board. So you can carry it easily throughout the day without it taking up space. Our surfboard cover also features a terry cloth/sock design with a drawstring to keep it securely closed.

The main advantage of the surfboard cover we've designed is its ability to protect your surfboard during daily transport. The quality of its fabric will help you avoid the shocks caused by frequent transport. Our cover is also perfect for transporting your board on the roof of your car. Compared to a padded travel cover, the wind resistance of this cover is greatly reduced, as it perfectly fits the shape of your board. So there's no risk of it slamming into the roof of your car at high speed.

Our surfboard covers do not feature a ZIP that could break or weld with the salt accumulated during transport. A drawstring makes them easy to use. Last but not least, our surfboard cover is washable to ensure impeccable hygiene and clean it of deposited salt. Highly resistant, it has an almost unlimited lifespan.


The importance of a surfboard cover adapted to the size of your board


A surfboard cover adapted to the size of your surfboard is essential for transporting and protecting it with ease. A cover that's too small for your board will stretch the fabric and eventually tear it. What's more, this could lead to micro-scratches on your surfboard. Conversely, a cover that's too big won't hold your board properly, which is not good for either the board or the cover. We offer surfboard covers in sizes 5'9'', 6'3''/6'4'', 6'8''/6'9'', 7'2''/7'4'', 8'0'', and 9'0''/9'1'', ideal respectively for transporting surfboards up to 6'0'', from 6'0'' to 6'6'', from 6'6'' to 6'10'', from 7'0'' to 7'6'', from 7'6'' to 8'2'', and finally from 8'4'' to 9'4''. A surfboard cover adapted to the size of your board will keep it well protected in all circumstances.