Fish & Eggs Epoxy/Carbon

Découvrez les derniers modèles de fish et  eggs Prism Surfboards ! Nous avons adapté nos shapes à la construction epoxy/carbone pour encore plus de performance, de légèreté et de robustesse. Nos planches de surf en carbone et epoxy sont des planches de haute qualité à prix abordable. Profitez-en !

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Even more powerful, lighter and stronger than the classic fish & eggs surfboards, our fish & eggs epoxy/carbon surfboards are a real concentrate of quality and innovation. Available at affordable prices on our online store, they are suitable for a wide range of surfers.


What are fish & eggs epoxy/carbon surfboards?


Before knowing the specificities of fish & eggs surfboards in epoxy/carbon, it is necessary to master the technical characteristics of fish & eggs boards, independently of their construction materials. On the one hand, the fish board is a board that has many similarities with the evolutionary boards, but it is much shorter and wider than the latter. It is defined as the ideal board for surfing small or medium summer waves, thanks to its comfortable volume, ease of paddling due to its taut rocker and its great versatility in the water. On the other hand, the egg board is characterized by an important reactivity in small as well as in big waves, which confer it its lightness and its short size, even if it is less easy to paddle than a fish because of its more generous rocker.

Thanks to the high quality epoxy and carbon materials used to manufacture our fish & eggs epoxy/carbon surfboards, enjoy the best quality at the best price for your future Prism Surfboards. As a thermosetting chemical compound that forms a plastic like epoxy resin when combined with other substances, epoxy guarantees the longevity and strength of your fish or egg board. As for carbon, a composite material known in many industrial fields to be even more rigid and resistant than steel. Therefore, our fish & egg epoxy/carbon surfboards benefit greatly from the properties inherent to their construction materials.


What are the advantages of our fish & eggs surfboards in epoxy/carbon?


Our various epoxy/carbon fish & eggs surfboards are built on the same model, that is to say by means of a vacuum epoxy lamination with carbon reinforcement stringer, and all have a high density EPS core made from polystyrene foam. Beyond their excellent quality, Prism Surfboards' epoxy/carbon fish & eggs boards are impact resistant thanks to their carefully designed structure by our team of surfing experts and enthusiasts.

Find on our online store the ideal fish or egg surfboard in epoxy/carbon, according to your practice of surfing and your size. With a carbon longitudinal batten, the Prism Surfboard is able to accompany the surfers in evolution and confirmed in all their aquatic performances. Delivered throughout France and the European Union, our fish & eggs surfboards are waiting for you to reveal their full potential in the water.