What price for a resin surfboard? 

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  1. Background: 

The first traces of a surfing activity date from the period of the Inca between -3000 and  

-1000 BC in Peru. 

From the 15th century onwards, the accounts of the great navigators of the time evoke Hawaiian tribal chiefs gliding on tree trunks carved out of the ground. 

The generalization of surfing on the American and Australian continents dates from the beginning of the 20th century, between 1905 and 1910. Surfboards were always made of wood and carved in the mass.

In the early 50's, the history of modern surfing begins, with the beginning of a worldwide interest for this activity.

From 1960, wooden surfboards were replaced by composite surfboards.
This new manufacturing process will significantly lower the price of surfboards. The time of manufacture will enormously decrease will make it possible to produce surfboards of good qualities and powerful. 

The processing of composite materials to make a surfboard is always done manually. 

  1. Cheap surfboards thanks to digital shaping: 

For the last twenty years and the advent of digital shaping, the vast majority of surfboards are shaped using this technique. Indeed, the core of a surfboard is made of polyurethane or polystyrene foam. Until the arrival of digital technology, these foam blocks constituting the shape of a surfboard were worked by hand. With electric planes, wooden templates, saws, sandpaper... Obviously it was still very time consuming. It was a manual work, magical, but it could also have imperfections. A not quite perfect symmetry, for example. 

Digital shaping has contributed considerably to the fact that cheap boards can be found. Indeed, a machine made of milling machines, and connected to a computer replaces the manual work of the shaper. Once the shape is entered into the computer by the shaper and/or a computer specialist, the shape of the surfboard is machined by the robot

One of the major interests of the digital shape in addition toa cheap surfboard is the perfect symmetry induced by the digital shape. Moreover, a digital shape is infinitely replicable... 

Last advantage, when you buy a digitally shapped surfboard, if you sell it or break it and you regret it... Well, just go back to the brand and recommend the same surfboard. You'll get the same feeling. Strictly the same surfboard.  

  1. Cheap surfboards, solid surfboards, light surfboards, thanks to the epoxy resin: 

There are 2 main types of construction for quality surfboards 

  • Polyester resin surfboards: 

Polyester resin is an inexpensive resin that is applied to fiberglass. It has the advantage of being easy to use to glaze a surfboard. It dries quickly and is easily sanded. 

Polyester resin necessarily implies the use of a polyurethane foam bar. Otherwise, with a polystyrene foam, the foam melts because of the solvents incorporated in the polyester resin.  

This type of resin and foam has historically been an excellent manufacturing process for making a high end surfboard, a quality surfboard. 

On the other hand, the foam cake being very dense and quite heavy, if you want to have a light surfboard, you have to make a very light stratification (envelope of the board with fiberglass soaked in resin). And so the board, once finished, will be sensitive to small farts and sinking of any kind. Moreover, the polyurethane foam blocks are expensive, they are imported from Asia or Australia, they are manufactured in molds with dimensions close to the final shape of the board.  

So all this is not very practical, and not in line with the production of a light, strong and cheap surfboard. 

  • Epoxy resin surfboards: 

The Epoxy resin is applied in the same way as the Polyester resin, on fiberglass, right on the foam bar.  

Epoxy resin is more complex to apply because it dries more slowly, takes longer to sand and requires low humidity in the air to achieve optimum strength during drying.  

But when the right processing criteria are met, it will be significantly stronger than polyester resin. This will allow to work on polystyrene foam blocks. These foam blocks are very light, quite inexpensive, even when you choose the highest densities to have a quality surfboard. 

By working with epoxy, with a high end process and materials, we manage to have a cheap surfboard out of the workshop, a solid and light surfboard. 

  1. Cheap surfboards, by privileging the short circuit: 

Since the beginning of surfing, American brands have dominated the world surfing market.  

But with the advent of the internet, more confidential and recent brands succeed in imposing themselves on the market with quality surfboards, cheap surfboards, sold without intermediary.

Indeed there are two main types of distribution of quality surfboards. 

-the classic distribution by a distribution network: 

A-The surfboard brand manufactures its surfboards on its home continent, or outsources production to a different country or continent. 

B- The brand finds an importer of surfboards on continents other than the continent of origin. The importer takes a margin on the surfboards, corresponding to the import costs, structure costs, salaries, transport... 

C- The importer finds surfboard distributors in the different countries of the continent he imports to. Each distributor, on each country, takes a margin on the surfboards, corresponding to the import costs, structure costs, salaries, transport... 

D- The distributor finds resellers (stores) in the different countries of the continent on which he imports. The distributor takes a margin corresponding to the costs of imports, structural costs, salaries, transport... 

E- The retailer, store, website, marketplace... finally offers these same surfboards for sale.

It is easy to understand that even if these cheap surfboards are passed through a circuit with four intermediaries, (who all need to apply a multiplier), the selling price of the surfboard explodes when it is offered to the surfer at the end of the distribution chain. 

-Direct distribution of the surfboard from the workshop to the surfer: 

A distribution without intermediaries.
The brand conceives, designs, tests and produces its own surfboards.
It puts them online via its own website. In an international way.
No intermediaries, importers, distributors or other resellers.
This is obviously one of the keys to offer cheap surfboards, without neglecting the fact of offering quality surfboards


At Prism Surfboards we have clearly taken all the axes to offer you quality surfboards, high performance surfboards, cheap surfboards.

1-Materials :  

We favor materials with the best compromise between weight, strength and price. Quality Epoxy resin and high density Eps foam blocks. 

The implementation is rigorously controlled with respected drying times, vacuum packing after the covering and perfect finishes. 

These materials also allow us to offer a very light board.

2- The shape : 

We opted for digital shaping to offer cheap boards with perfect quality.
The obvious advantage is to be able to produce the boards in series and to limit the costs. To obtain a regularity and a perfect symmetry of the shapes of our surfboards Prism Surfboards.  

3- The accessories, the fins : 

To offer a top of the line surfboard, a quality surfboard, you need quality fins.  

Indeed, an unknown assembly, without patent, may result in mediocre fins. And fins are essential in the drive (guidance) and dynamics of a quality surfboard. A top of the range surfboard with mediocre fins will lose a lot of performance and dynamism.  

Moreover, in the long term, you may have difficulty finding replacement drifts, in case of breakage for example. These second category drifts are often fragile.

We have chosen to equip all our Prism Surfboards with daggerboards and FCS boxes.  

It is the most famous standard in the world. A lot of famous brands of high end surfboards offer fcs boards and fins.  

In addition to using perfect materials and finish, FCS fins are solid and provide incredible surfing dynamics. If you travel with your Prism Surfboards and you lose or break a fin, you will find replacement parts anywhere in the world.

4 - The distribution method: 

Obviously we opted at Prism Surfboards for a modern distribution mode to offer quality surfboards and cheap surfboards: the short circuit, directly from the workshop to the surfer. Exclusively via our website : Prism-surfboards.com 

The gap to get a cheap surfboard is huge by eliminating all the middlemen, while offering quality surfboards, solid surfboards, light surfboards.

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