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What is the difference between a fish and an egg?

by | 8 Jul 2021 | Non classé | 0 comments

The  Fish  is sometimes considered a mini-malibu alternative   because of its ideal behavior in small conditions without however the handling constraints of an 8 ′
Its tight rocker makes it easy to row, it offers little resistance however whether you have opted for a volume adapted to your size and / or your level. An easy start, stability optimized by its wide tail and by its “swallow tail” shape, you are ready for wide turns and a rapid increase in speed.

The  Egg  has a generous rocker, a “banana” shape which will push a little more water (a little less easy than the fish with the oar). Once launched, its thinner tail makes it very responsive for the frontside / backside passage. Ideal in hollow waves, it will be perfect even for big waves, more generous in volume than a  shortboard , it is more accessible and represents a good compromise to discover the sensations.

Matthieu from the Ocean Surf Club of Saint-Jean-de-Monts  gives us his advice:

Choose your board according to your surfing level

It is important to choose your board according to your surfing level (first surf, evolution, confirmed or expert). Not choosing a board suitable for your level of surfing can discourage you and can even, in some cases, be dangerous. What are the different levels...

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How to choose the volume of a surfboard?

The choice of the volume of a surfboard is directly linked to the weight and level of the practitioner. The higher the volume, the more the surf will float, the easier it will be to paddle… less effort at take off but more effort on maneuvers, it will be necessary to...

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