Mini-Malibu 8'4 PAULOWNIA Surfboard - Prism Surfboards
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Mini-Malibu 8’4 PAULOWNIA Surfboard


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About the mini-malibu 8’4 Prism surfboards

Very comfortable in small waves, this mini-malibu offers good maneuverability and remarkable ease of use. Ideal for beginners, this board will also find its fans among surfers in the progression phase, as effective as a longboard with superior maneuverability. You can devote yourself to reading the wave, the mini-malibu 8’4 responds instantly to reach your takeoff zone with just a few strokes of the paddle and take off effortlessly.

What is the size this mini-malibu is adapted to?

Versatile and modern, it is easy for less than 85 kilos and very performant for more significant sizes (85 to 100 kilos and more). Its wide tail will give large sizes good buoyancy for more wave relaunch.

The implementation of the stratification of our boards benefits from a rigorous specification to obtain more strength with less weight: • Climate-controlled stratification rooms to ensure ideal humidity levels, for perfect drying (more strength with the same stratification). • Vacuum stratification with resin overflow evacuation: fiberglass needs the right amount of resin necessary for its impregnation. Vacuum impregnation allows the resin to enter the fiber, the excess is evacuated through the drain. Because too much resin equals a heavier board, but above all less strong as fiberglass becomes brittle.

Construction Paulownia Eco Wood Concept

A new sandwich construction in epoxy and paulownia wood (very lightweight and resistant) that allows to stiffen the board and ensure better durability of the materials. The paulownia wood, also called “aluminum wood”, does not absorb water due to its low moisture content, it is very dense and allows for a watertight stratification under the epoxy coating. Our surfboards in paulownia are much stronger than traditional epoxy surfboards. Paulownia wood also has ecological properties, it grows at a much faster rate than wood usually worked in a factory (about 2 cm per day) and absorbs 10 times more CO2 than others. The renewal of the paulownia forest is extremely fast, and promoting the exploitation of this tree will accentuate its planting and expansion on the territory, which will allow for more significant CO2 absorption in the long term.

Weight5,2 kg



8'4" x 22"7/16 x 3"


67 L


Fusion Casing, Thruster (3 FCS fins supplied)


High density EPS core

Central slat

Longitudinal slat in marine grade plywood


EPOXY / WOOD sandwich construction + through wood slat over the entire length


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