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Prism Surfboards is a French brand specialized in the sale of high quality surfboards adapted to all levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer. Our surfboards are designed in our workshops in Nantes according to precise specifications, in total respect of ecological and environmental standards.

On our website, we offer you different surfboards according to your level and your needs. Among these different surfboards, we offer you our new innovative range of Wood Paulownia surfboards, so that you can progress in the practice of surfing with high quality boards.


What is special about Wood Paulownia surfboards?


The Wood Paulownia surfboard is the result of a new way of making surfboards, combining paulownia wood with the epoxy traditionally used to make our boards. This new construction also makes the board more rigid and therefore guarantees excellent durability.

Paulownia wood is extremely strong due to its honeycomb structure, and remarkably light in comparison to its strength, which is why it is often referred to as "aluminum wood". It also has a low moisture content and therefore does not absorb water. Its density also allows it to have a waterproof lamination under the epoxy glaze. All these characteristics of paulownia wood allow our wood paulownia surfboards to be much stronger than conventional epoxy surfboards.

The interest in designing surfboards with wood paulownia is also environmental, as paulownia wood grows much faster than the wood usually processed in factories and also absorbs more CO2. This makes it an interesting wood for surfboards.


Which Wood Paulownia surfboard to choose according to your level?


Several models of Wood Paulownia surfboards are available according to your level and preferences.

The Wood Paulownia Egg 6'6 surfboard is a stable and versatile model, ideal to accompany beginners in the practice of surfing. This model is indeed particularly adapted for small and medium waves.

The Wood Paulownia Fish 6'0 surfboard is a strong and versatile model, suitable for both developing and advanced surfers. Reactive and responsive, this short board will allow you to link maneuvers without too much difficulty.

The Wood Paulownia Evolutive 7'0 surfboard is a very versatile model, designed for beginners and advanced surfers. Quite short and light, this surfboard is optimal for small and medium waves. Its squash tail gives it an excellent relaunch in the flat parts of the wave and ensures incisive maneuvers during the changes of support.