Shockproof surfboards range

The Shockproof unbreakable surfboards are epoxy surfboards with an integral polycarbonate sandwich. With their manufacturing process, these boards are lightweight, high performance, versatile and virtually unbreakable.

These are boards that will stay with the surfer over time without the risk of having to make numerous repairs as with polyester surfboards.

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Prism Surfboards is a French brand specialized in the sale of surfboards, Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) and skimboards. The surfboards we offer are of high quality and adapted to all levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer. Versatile and adapted to all, our surfboards are designed in our workshops in Nantes according to precise specifications, in compliance with ecological and environmental standards.

We propose on our website different surfboards ranges according to your level and your needs. Among these different ranges of surfboards, we offer you an original selection of "unbreakable" Shockproof surfboards that you can keep for many years.


What makes Shockproof surfboards so special?


What makes Shockproof surfboards unique is that they are made of epoxy. Epoxy is a chemical compound formed from molecules containing epoxides, and has an adhesive and thermosetting power. When combined with other substances such as fiberglass, epoxy forms a very strong resin that is used in our Shockproof surfboards.

Our Shockproof surfboards are also made of an integral layer of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is known for its unbreakable strength and is used for safety glass. This manufacturing process allows our boards to be both strong and light, very efficient, and practically "unbreakable".

Finally, unlike polyester surfboards, you won't have to make many costly repairs to your Shockproof surfboard. The Shockproof board will last you for many years and help you grow and progress in your surfing.


Which unbreakable Shockproof surfboard to choose according to your level?


Four models of Shockproof surfboards are available to suit your level and preferences.

The Shockproof 6'6 surfboard is a robust and versatile model, suitable for both developing and experienced surfers, weighing from 50 to 90 kg. Reactive and responsive, this short board will allow you to link maneuvers without too much difficulty.

The Shockproof 7'0 is a very versatile surfboard, designed for the evolving surfer and the advanced surfer weighing 50 to 100 kg. Short and light enough, this surfboard is optimal for small and medium waves. Its squash tail gives it an excellent relaunch in the flat parts of the wave and ensures incisive maneuvers during the changes of support.

The Shockproof 8'0 is a versatile, modern and ultra-strong surfboard, especially for massive riders weighing 85 to 100+ kg. With its great maneuverability, this surfboard is ideal for beginners or for surfers who are progressing. Finally, the Shockproof 9'1 surfboard is an extremely versatile model that will suit beginners as well as the most experienced surfers.