How to choose the volume of a surfboard?

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The choice of the volume of a surfboard is directly linked to the weight and level of the practitioner.

The higher the volume, the more the surf will float, the easier it will be to paddle… less effort at take off but more effort on maneuvers, it will be necessary to press more firmly on the downforce to initiate the turns. The surfboard will be tolerant and suitable for small waves and average conditions. 

On the contrary, a surf with a more contained volume will have more grip in the water, on maneuvers it will be more reactive but on take-off it will require more effort. Once launched with a small volume surf, no time to get bored, it will be necessary to chain maneuvers and optimize the placement in the wave to compensate for the lower flotation.

How to calculate the ideal volume of a surfboard?

There are tables to estimate this volume taking into account your weight and your level:

Surfboard volume chart

Today it is possible to gauge your ideal board volume using a  Boardline mobile application , I invite you to read this  excellent Surf Session article  on this subject.

Here is the summary of the volumes of the PRISM SURFBOARDS range, do you find what you are looking for?

Comparative table of the volumes of Prism Suefboards

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