How to choose the right surfboard?

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choisir planche surf

Choosing your new board is an important step, it’s time to look forward to new challenges, new desires, maybe also new surfing conditions … a new spot?

In the equation it is just essential to:

  1. Know the type of spot to frequent  : hollow waves, small, medium …
  2. Know yourself well:  my level in surfing, my size
  3. Get an idea of ​​your next challenge: what kind of surf do I want to adopt? Rather cool or dynamic? Fancy hang five or rollerblading?

The choice of a board can be very complex as the parameters are numerous, very good articles exist on this subject, I will not pretend to give you all the secrets of shape, swell and practice here. surfing … let’s keep it simple and take a look at the basics … I suggest you review some fundamentals here so that your purchase meets your desires:

It is not always easy to know which board to choose. Surfboards come in all sizes, shapes and prices. Each of them seems to have its followers …

Which surfboard to choose?

Let’s take a quick overview of the main families of boards, we can distinguish:

  • Longboards : a board over 9 feet (9 ′) with a generous shape (not to be confused with the gun which can also exceed 9 ′ but whose shape is much more tapered for surfing very large waves like the wave of Nazaré at Portugal). The outline is rounded and the volume necessarily substantial. The longboard is a very versatile toy in small and medium waves, quick to paddle, it allows you to engage very quickly in the waves and to launch without waiting for the wave to break, a joy! the little extra for this type of surfboard is that in big waves it allows you to get out of the game as long as you can pass the bar … its volume when passing the bar is perhaps its main weak point and requires a little technique, effort and perseverance. Once the bar has passed,
  • The evolutive ones : a rather well thought-out family of surfboards, it takes the characteristics of a shortboard but with a volume and a size more accessible and more adapted to average conditions. The rocker is pronounced and allows to find the maneuverability, the tight and fast maneuvers. The nose is often rounded, we find in this category the Eggs model.
  • Shortboards : queen surfboard for big and hollow waves … manoeuvrable and agile in take-off thanks to its very pronounced rocker, its shape literally hugs the wave. Its limited volume makes it extremely reactive, it is at the heart of the wave, its rails are designed to catch the wave without delay, only downside it does not support inactivity … it is a board that can be piloted, no time to fall asleep with this type of toy!
  • The fish : a moment forgotten in the hearts of surfers, it has come back in force in recent years in a slightly revisited version. Originally it takes its name from its very pronounced swallow tail shaped on twinfins, an original shape but far removed from “modern fish” which have only kept a more sober swallow tail. This type of board adopts a fairly tight rocker and a sufficient width to move easily in small to medium waves, it is required to be easy to paddle and it comes in many sizes. It allows you to string together wide curves and enjoy small waves without getting out of a mini-malibu or a longboard.
  • The mini-malibuses : the pocket longboard, it borrows most of the characteristics of its big brother the longboard, it remains a little less bulky however. It is often used as a first board for its comfort. As easy as a paddling longboard, it starts very quickly and remains manoeuvrable. It is a great choice for small to medium waves. Perfect for beginners whatever the size of the surfer.

Do you need advice on choosing your surfboard?

The purchase of a new board is an important moment, nothing replaces a tailor-made advice, we are here for that … so contact the team:

  • Via the form
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