How to choose between rigid boards and foam boards?

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If you are looking for performance above all else. No debate, it’s an EPOXY board for    you.
If you are careful, the   classic “ SURF EPOXY ” range will be perfect and it is the most efficient… If you are a bit of a “breaker”, go for the “ SCHOCKPROOF “ range  , rigid epoxy / polycarbonate boards which combine performance and enormous robustness.

If you are just starting out or are progressing without wanting to take the lead in risking hurting yourself or someone? This is definitely a FOAM board for   you.

You will find your happiness by choosing the right size of  “ SOFTBOARDS “  according to your template (select your size of SOFTBOARDS by consulting in this section “ what volume for my surfboard “)

Choose your board according to your spot

A surfboard is chosen not only in relation to the size of the surfer and his level but also according to the waves he is going to surf on his referent spot (s). Paddle The oar is the start is crucial, if you still have a little trouble “paddling” (lack of power in...

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