Choose your board according to your surfing level

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It is important to choose your board according to your surfing level (first surf, evolution, confirmed or expert). Not choosing a board suitable for your level of surfing can discourage you and can even, in some cases, be dangerous.

What are the different levels of surfing?

At Prism Surfboards, we have divided the different surfing levels into 4 parts. Thus, according to these 4 levels you will be able to self-assess yourself in order to choose the most suitable board.

Level 1: First surf

That’s it, you have taken off, your internship was a revelation and you now have your bearings to evolve on your own … your take-off is guaranteed even if it can be improved and now you need YOUR board to chain the sessions and gain experience ! Your goal: to make your take-off and your glide smoothly in the waves which have not been broken.

Level 2: Evolution

Your maneuvers are not yet perfect but you go on the right and left … in the waves not breaking, you follow the trajectories and your objective is now to better position yourself, on the board, at the take off … and why not to place your first maneuvers.

Level 3: Confirmed

Your wave reading is fine, the choice of waves and your placement is optimized, the maneuvers follow one another, at each session you choose the best option in your quiver and you diversify your boards. You refine your technique over the spots and sessions … Your goal: find the right board for your favorite spots , discover new boards and have fun.

Level 4: Expert

Nothing to say, you know your stuff …

You can also refer to the different surfing levels established by the French Surf Federation

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