Choose your board according to your spot

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A surfboard is chosen not only in relation to the size of the surfer and his level but also according to the waves he is going to surf on his referent spot (s).


The oar is the start is crucial, if you still have a little trouble “paddling” (lack of power in your support or lack of rhythm) prefer boards with little rocker, they are flat and slide faster and you will be in the right timing to take your wave ( Fish ,  Mini-Malibu, Longboard ). When you go on boards with more pronounced rocker ( Egg ,  shortboard ), you “push” more water (on the curved part of your board) and the effort will be more important to launch you in the wave.

The waves of my spot

The type and size of the waves you are going to surf will guide your choice:

In big waves, on a short board we will wait until it is reactive and flexible to follow the maneuvers, a board that can evolve without stalling. The shortboard is obviously the queen option but also the most technical, in the hollow the start is immediate and the reactivity exemplary. Whatever the board, we will favor a sufficiently marked rocker shape as on  the EGG range , this type of board allows you to evolve in tight and fluid curves. On a long board, the shape can be tighter, the maneuvers will be wider, the mini-malibu and the longboard are out of the game without any problem but will require a controlled placement on the board.

In small and medium waves it is preferable to favor boards which go quickly to the schedule and which make your life easier, little resistance = faster up and faster in the wave, it is in this type of use that  the FISH range is  illustrated. The shape is wide, the volume comfortable and the tail offers great stability. This type of board will be quickly in the wave, very pleasant up to a correct size. Its taut shape will be its weak point after a certain size and will not allow it as much reactivity and curves as an EGG model for example. The reference model for small waves is of course the  longboard  (and the  mini-malibu). A very fast start, an optimized glide from the first strokes of the oar, a generous and harmonious glide …

How to choose the right surfboard?

Choosing your new board is an important step, it's time to look forward to new challenges, new desires, maybe also new surfing conditions ... a new spot? In the equation it is just essential to: Know the type of spot to frequent  : hollow waves, small,...

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