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Choice of materials: EPS and epoxy resin for a light and robust surf

by | 8 Jul 2021 | Non classé | 0 comments

The PRISM SURFBOARDS range is dedicated to practitioners who want a simple surfboard that is both light and robust.

Among the essential characteristics for us:  lightness for more pleasure, robustness and reactivity . We have opted for a proven construction that is both robust and efficient: the epoxy resin around a strong and flexible high density EPS core. The central slat is in PVC to save weight on models under 7 ‘and in wood beyond. We use 2 layers of fibers (6 and 4 Oz), crossed fiberglass (biaxial), it offers excellent resistance and a lot of reactivity. An additional layer of protection located only on the deck reinforces the board without weighing it down.

Choose your board according to your surfing level

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How to choose the volume of a surfboard?

The choice of the volume of a surfboard is directly linked to the weight and level of the practitioner. The higher the volume, the more the surf will float, the easier it will be to paddle… less effort at take off but more effort on maneuvers, it will be necessary to...

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